Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs (iOS)

Angry birds was charming as all tiny animations took place after you have catapulted your bird to the structures. Rovio has done a good job by translating these into AR. It is totally satisfying to see the small animations play out as if they were happening in front of you. Be prepared to move all around the structures to find out the explosive cases hidden away and give the ideal path to the birds.

You can mostly go through all levels by attacking the towers head on. This game does a good job of rewarding the 360 degree approach to launching the birds. Incredibly satisfying though it can get physically exhausting. Game based on AR technology and is better on newer iPhones. Collecting stars lets you unlock additional levels but presently there are only 52 levels. Only problem with this game is the ads which are excessive and pushy. On the plus side, this is a free title.

The augmented reality of Angry Birds AR Isle of Pigs (iOS) isn’t as unique as other augmented reality games. You have the freedom to walk around the stages (assuming nothing in the real world obstructs you) and work out the best angle of attack. You just pull back on the screen of your mobile and let it go. (While you can play it in landscape mode or portrait for one-handed slinging works best.) Also, the game does not really prevent you from leaning in close proximity to make sure you are getting the exact block you need (Duck Hunt cheat method AKA).

The levels are informative and distinctive, and throughout there is a lot of personality. It certainly rewards in close leaning. And the slingshot mechanics are smooth and precise based on the bit I’ve practiced. There wasn’t any trouble reaching them when I pointed my mobile at a particular pillar or box. And while some Augmented Reality apps have trouble keeping their digital renderings synchronized with the real world, like when you walk around a coffee table, the augmented reality of the Angry Birds AR isle of pig didn’t fail at all.

Angry Birds AR Game Bonus

Are you plopped down the island on the run and actually unhappy? There’s no fear. Through clicking the tiny 3D cube icon in the upper-right corner, you can redo the location, allowing you to set up the game elsewhere.

It couldn’t be better for simply flinging birds. Just tap the screen and drag it down to bring the slingshot up. A line will appear on the screen to show where you are going, and the further you pull back, the more speed your bird will have when it shoots off the catapult.

Here’s the really clutch part: you’re free to walk around each floor to decide exactly from which angle you want to shoot, and if needed go all the way to the other side. This is a huge amount of freedom that you obviously don’t have in other titles of Angry Birds unlike the angry birds AR game, but it also requires you to get used to it because your instinct is just going to attack every level from the front. Do your best to avoid that by inspecting each level from multiple angles, maybe even spotting pigs or TNT crates you couldn’t see from the front, you’ll come up with better attack plans.

More Coins on Angry Birds AR Game

You can gain three coins per level, as noted, and you can go back and replay a level as many times as you want to go for the first time you haven’t acquired. If that isn’t enough for you, you can watch an ad to pick one more coin once a point. Just tap the right-hand film icon when your score arrives at the end of a point. With that in mind, you can actually earn up to four coins per point.

Angry Birds AR is free game and doesn’t come with any in-app purchases. It’s an Augmented replay game worth whiling away time with.

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