Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go

Angry Birds Go! Is a kart racing game and eight game in the series of Angry Birds video games. Rovio Entertainment and Exient Entertainment co-developed this game and was released on December 11, 2013.

In Angry Birds Go, you can choose how to move your kart – tilt or touch. Tilt is better than touch as in tilt you can shake your device to take turns whereas in touch you have to tap the screen every time to take a turn.

To start the race, the kart has to be pulled back from a large slingshot and release when “GO” appears on the screen. If you release the slingshot early, all the opponents are also launched early along with you. All players can collect coins scattered in the race while racing. Depending on the piggy character they choose, they can use their special powers. The collected coins can later be used to upgrade kart.

Players can also switch characters if chosen character is out of energy. Keep winning races to get more points, more energy and more coins. Kart’s CC (Cake Capacity) can be increased by upgrading the kart with coins. Gems can be gained during the game by racing and winning a position in top 3. These can also be purchased with real money.

There are different types of racing for each course:
– Race is a downhill race against upto seven opponents. Initially there are about 5.
– Time Boom is a time based race where you have to finish the race before the time runs out. Be careful to avoid the obstacles in the race.
– Fruit Splat is either a solo race or a 2 to 3 player race where you have to hit a fixed number of fruits and cross the finishing line. In case, the fruit meter is not empty and you cross the finish line, you land up disqualifying the race. On Sub Zero Course, it is called Ice Splat where fruits are replaced by icecream sandwiches and other related treats.
-Versus is a 2 player race and the level of difficulty can be chosen (Easy, Mediu, or Hard).
– Slalom is a race that involves racing through gates which close in certain amount of time. In case, you miss a race, your time decreases and 5TNT crates are dropped in front of your kart.

Your favorite angry birds characters like Red, Chuck, Tenece, King Pig, Bomb,, Moustache Pig and many more are available to play in this game.

Outrun the competition and earn rewards, upgrade your kart and become the best driver of the Piggy island!

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