Burger Shop Free

Burger Shop Free

Burger Shop Free starts when you receive strange blueprints in a mail and you build a restaurant. Now your goal is to make tasty snacks and satisfy them and keep the restaurant going as you try to discover the truth behind the mysterious blueprints.

Ever thought of running a massive burger kingdom? Control your army of servers as the day comes to an end and the customers keep dropping in! Serve customers fast to end hunger. Don’t let customers get angry and go out of your successful big burger business!

Make burgers, shakes, ice-creams, juices in this exciting food-making game. Burger Shop is a fun and addictive game and has endless play.

There are basically 4 levels in this game: Story Mode, Relax Mode, Challenge Mode and Expert Story.

The free version of this game lets you play only 20 levels of story mode and 2 restaurants in Relax and Challenge mode.

Story Mode: Build your Burger Empire and discover the secrets behind the mysterious blueprints sender.

Challenge Mode: Play super fast 1minute rounds without losing a customer or it’s over.

Relax Mode – Serve your customers without any hurry or stress as customers are very patient here.

Expert Mode – Put your food making skills to a test to prove that you are a Burger Master.

Do you have the skills to be a Burger Master and build a massive Burger Empire?

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