Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever

Cooking Fever is a game for cooking lovers. It challenges your time management and strategy skills. Each restaurant has a strategy and challenges per level.

Cooking Fever has 2 playing screens currently: City and Paradise Island. City has 9 restaurants and Paradise has 6 restaurants. When you start the game, Bakery Restaurant is available. Other restaurants are available as you advance in the game. Each restaurant has 40 levels. You need a minimum score to advance to the next level. You can earn coins by clearing each level, though there is an option of buying coins and gems with real money.

Other restaurants become available as you gain XP (Experience Points). Each unlocked restaurant displays a main status screen which has the overview of your records. This screen is linked to Kitchen and Interior upgrades as well.

Each kitchen has different areas, each area serves a specific purpose:
– A beverage dispenser and beverage: The beverage dispenser prepares beverage and refills itself automatically. It starts with one serving initially. As you upgrade, the number of servings increase and the time to dispense beverage also decreases.
– Kitchen Tabletop: The area where you prepare food, add side dishes or store cooked food. Initially only one Tabletop slot is open, you can unlock more as you upgrade.
– Cooking Ingredients: This is located beneath the Kitchen Tabletop and it stores dinnerware as well. Dinnerware includes burger buns, pizza base, cake mix, serving plates, etc. Upgrading any item here increases your point’s earnings for every customer ordering a main dish.
– Special food treat: This item is located underneath the main serving. It is available for purchase after Level 20 and costs 3 gems. Serve these treats when a customer has to wait for long or when you have a tough time earning 3 stars.
You can claim Daily Income from the unlocked restaurant. You have to play this game every day to get this income as this income is available after 24 hours only.

Play the casino immediately after you claim your Daily Income. Place $500 bets until you get 15 gems. You can win up to 30 gems per day. You need minimum 5000 coins to get 15 gems. Casino becomes available after XP Level 7.

Don’t buy a new restaurant as soon as it is available, wait for the sale. Try to keep a few gems in handy for any special offer. Earn as much as coins possible. Cook more than one food at a time and store it.

When customers order more than one item, serve one item to each customer as they will wait happily for the next item. Serve the simplest dishes first.

As the game name says, you really get addicted to the game. Initially you find it difficult, but it gets easier with a bit of practice.

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