Despicable Me: Minion Rush

Minion Rush

Race with the Minions in the award winning and fan most loved endless runner, Despicable Me: Minion Rush! Gather bananas as you hop, move, avoid and scramble against others for no particular reason in fun filled, quick paced missions! Keep running as Carl, Jerry and Dave, get amazing costumes, play energizing mini games and investigate areas motivated by the Despicable Me motion pictures!

Players have to control one minion in the game. Dave is the default character in the game. Carl and Jerry can be purchased with real cash. This minion has to compete in the funny and fast paced challenges as they come.

In most of the minion runs, there are 3 tracks loaded with bananas. Your minion has to collect them and avoid obstacles as they come. Certain power-ups also are included on these tracks. Minions can win prizes if they fulfill all conditions of the event or collect all the fruits.

The main game mode is the Jelly Lab and there are some special mission modes available according to various seasons. Also there are a few racing events available for few days which can help in winning a lot of prizes.

In Jelly Lab, all levels have to be played one after other. Levels cannot be skipped here. Keep playing to unlock new modes, events and machines as well as new minions. New levels are being added every now and then.

Events are daily, weekly or multiple in a day. Players compete to win bananas, prize pods and tokens. Each event has a certain goal like highest banana collector, farthest distance travelled or highest score. The top prize is a costume usually or some tokens. A player can choose any costume to play the event, though some costumes have some bonus abilities.

In Special Missions, players have to collect some special objects, it is independent event other than Jelly Lab or Events. There are special stages in Special Missions. Prizes are usually costumes and if a player has that particular costume, he gets lots of tokens.

In Minion Races, a player can choose Dave with costume or Carl or Jerry and race with two other minions. Players can use few gadgets in the game either offensively or defensively. After downloading the game, certain gadgets are given free to the player. Players can also get gadgets in exchange of bananas or tokens. Players are given prizes for winning every race. Winning continuously is recorded as streak. Streak is lost if any race is lost, however players can give tokens and maintain the streak.

Gadgets are categorized in three levels: one-star, two-star and three-star. Higher the Level, powerful the Minion.

Keep running through all the location in the game and discover secret areas. Enjoy certain hilarious power-ups like becoming a MEGA-MINION, riding the Fluffy Unicorn or Gru’s Rocket. Battle against the exclusive villains like Vector, El Macho and Villaintriloquist.

Be the Endless Minion Runner and win this hilarious game!

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