Game of Dice

Game of Dice

Game of Dice is an exceptionally mainstream free strategy game developed by Joycity, the organization behind the Freestyle Street Basketball series and a variety of other mobile games. It is a board game where players have to roll dice to buy variety of properties. It is a Monopoly kind of game where players can choose skill cards and play with their luck. Collect and upgrade characters, skill cards, dice as you play against people across the world. Climb your way to the top of the leaderboards and become a Game of Dice grandmaster.

The best feature of this game is it has anime-style graphics and animations for everything, be it character, skill card or dice. Music and Sound play of the game is really catchy and one doesn’t get bored even after hours of play.


Skill cards have distinct effects, so choose the ones that suit your strategy. Each character has different statistics, choose a player that fits according to your playing style.

Takeover cities, collect tolls and out-wealth other players around the world!!

Play as various characters in the world of Game of Dice, ranging from telekinetic master to contract killer! Team-up or play in singles match in 4 different tournament modes, from Rookie to Grand Slam!!

You can also use the chatting system and emoticons to talk with friends around the world.

Take part in various events in league and play to become the Grandmaster!!!

Check the playlist here: Game of Dice Playlist

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