Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight

Marvel Future Fight has been depicted as a “dungeon crawler”. Players have the option of using normal attacks as well as powerful skills depending on the superhero chosen. Some skills have cooldown which usually last for only 30 seconds. Players are assigned a 3 hero team and are able to switch between 2 heroes at anytime during the game. Although for switching back, you have to wait a bit.

Various kinds of missions are available in the game. Villain Siege, in which the 3 hero team battles against a boss. Daily Missions and mini stories, Story Missions change every day but are a part of the Main Mission. There are Special Missions and Side Missions which are based on stories from “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Marvel’s Ant-Man” and “World Boss” – in which players are assigned a 3 hero team as well as a 5 hero team to battle against a special boss. Story Missions allow use of clear tickets which help players complete a mission without actually playing it. Each mission has a different set of rewards associated with it. Special Missions, World Boss and Story Missions provide level-exclusive biometrics whereas Daily Missions provide ISO-8 and Villian Siege provides a mixed pool. Arena Battles are of 4 kinds: Timeline Battles – which are 3 hero team battles, Team-Up Play – a co-op battle which involves upto 3 online players in a team, Battleworld – a daily event battle with 4-6 hero team, Alliance Battle – after joining an alliance it provides rewards to player as well as the alliance.

Every mission needs energy to play the mission. Level up your shield base or get some rewards or achievements to gain energy in the game. 60 playable heroes are available in the game with unique skills and attacking power. One player can set up maximum of 5 teams. Team Bonus also are rewarded. Biometrics help unlocking heroes, these are available in shop and can be found in certain missions. Exp chips help to level up heroes. Heroes can be customized by upgrading skills, gear and ISO-8 gems. In shop, players can buy chests. Energy, clear tickets, ISO-8 and other supplies. Uniforms have a separate store, these grant buffs to a hero. Shield Lab has four possible buildings that can be built: an Antimatter generator, a Warping device, Biometric Converter and a mini-store. The Animatter generator generates Antimatter which is used to build, upgrade and use other devices. The Warping device allows to warp heroes and the heroes usually return with awards. The mini-store has stock of items which keep changing. The Biometric converter converts biometrics of 2 owned biometric to a random hero in a set of hero and is frequently rotated.

Journey tab is also featured in the game in which the players have to complete a certain set of goals or missions to get rewards.

Every character is assigned four types: Blast, Combat, Speed and Universal. Characters with type advantage gains increased damage at certain percentage compared to others. For example, a four star hero gains a higher percentage of damage as compared to a two star hero.

Unite with the greatest heroes from all corners of the world for the epic battle that will decide the fate of reality – Marvel Future Fight.

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