Minions Paradise

Minions Paradise

At a point, when an adorable yet blunder causing Minion named Phil lands up sinking a cruise ship carrying his Minion mates, he should transform a left tropical island into the ideal paradise! Check out this game from the makers of the MINIONS movie and EA as they take your most loved Minions on an extraordinary trip.
Help Phil build the ideal Minions Paradise! Tweak your island with hot tubs, hammocks and beach volleyball courts. Plant firefly and rubber trees, harness power from electric eels, grow bushels of bananas, collect coconut from coconut groves to make an island paradise for Phil and his Minion mates.

The more land you can get, the better time and fun your Minions will have! Become an expert at alligator water skiing, dive off water slides, catch many butterflies, throw mangoes from hot air balloons, and collect leaves in treasure hunt.

Kevin, Bob, Stuart, Bee-do and more from the MINIONS movie are in this game! Make all your vacation dreams come true and be joined by all your most loved Minion mates.

Finish Villanous Master Plans
All Minions require a villain to serve! Help Phil and the Minions as they work to complete Professor Flux’s amazing master strategy. Help Flux put his obnoxious arrangements into motion and acquire special Minion Level-Up Tokens to update the capacities of your most loved Minions!

The basic items you gather are valuable for fulfilling tasks and creating new items, so be sure to keep your minions occupied as best as you can. Pay special attention to new areas and items that unlocked after you level up.

This getting started sequence should get you rapidly to level 4 or 5, then a lot more things will begin to open up.

As you advance through the levels picking up party points you will be able to throw a party every time you achieve another level, Amid the initial levels basically what happens is that a couple of new things are opened and time moves twice as quick to anything that is being created or earned. At first, this party lasts only for a minute, but as you gain more levels, party time lasts longer. Use this time carefully to support your creation or production of items.

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