Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie (2023) | Cast and Story

Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie (2023) | Cast and Story

Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie – Get ready for Pinky Beauty Parlour, a gripping crime thriller exploring fair skin obsession in small town India.

Pinky Beauty Parlour is a Bollywood movie. Directed by Akshay Singh, known for his passion for drama, and produced by Akshay Singh and Bahnishikha Das. The movie stars a lead-role cast, including Vishwanath Chatterjee, Sulagna Panigrahi, and Khushboo Gupta. With a unique narrative structure, gripping screenplay, and stellar performances, Pinky Beauty Parlour is a rollercoaster ride of emotions, suspense, and drama that keeps the audience hooked until the end.

Cast: Sulagna Panigrahi, Khushboo Gupta, Vishwanath Chatterjee

Director: Akshay Singh

Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie Story

There is no shortage of girls in our society who feel inferior because of their looks and color. Our society and the people associated with it also do not leave any chance to underestimate dark-skinned girls compared to fair-skinned girls. The movie Pinky Beauty Parlor is also the story of two such sisters where the color of Pinky, living in Varanasi, is fair, while Bulbul has a slightly dull complexion. 

Since childhood, Bulbul has been upset after hearing taunts about her complexion. Some would say that the color of that poor girl remained dark, while some would say that these two don’t look like sisters at all. Of course, these taunts hurt Bulbul a lot, yet Pinky runs a beauty parlor to support her sister.

The story of the movie connects you with itself from the beginning. Along with this, it also gives you a lesson on how much you can hurt someone by saying anything without thinking. At the same time, the story related to the small town is liked by the audience. 

Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie (2023) | Cast and Story

Writing and Direction

Akshay Singh also has a distinct storytelling style that is evident in Pinky Beauty Parlour. His direction is skillful, creating a dark and moody atmosphere that complements the drama genre of the movie. The way he writes and directs the story together is commendable, keeping the audience engaged throughout the movie. The movie’s pacing is well-balanced, with high-tension moments and heart-touching emotional scenes. Akshay Singh’s ability to create a stunning movie with a gripping narrative makes Pinky Beauty Parlour an engaging watch from start to finish.

Pinky Beauty Parlour boasts a multilayered plot that keeps the viewers on their toes. The screenplay is packed with surprising twists and turns that add to the overall excitement of the movie. The non-linear narrative structure adds an element of complexity to the story, keeping the audience engaged till the end. The writing is tight and well-crafted, with each character having a strong role and motive. The dialogues are sharp and impactful, and the screenplay strikes a balance between the drama and emotional aspects of the story. The movie delves into various themes like revenge, redemption, love, and morality, adding depth to the narrative.

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The performances in Pinky Beauty Parlour are top-notch, with the cast delivering stellar acts that leave a lasting impact. Sulagna Panigrahi, as Pinky, is captivating with her stunning looks and brings a sense of mystery to her character. She easily portrays the emotional part of her role, making her presence felt on the screen. Khushboo Gupta, in the role of Bulbul, is impressive as the brooding, intense loner seeking revenge. She embodies the character with the right mix of vulnerability and aggression, and her performance is a highlight of the movie. 

Vishwanath Chatterjee is a scene-stealer with his impeccable performance. He is a treat to watch, and his comic timing is spot-on. Other supporting actors like Akshay Singh also deliver noteworthy performances, adding depth to the movie. Sulagna suits the role of Pinky. At the same time, Khushubu Gupta has also given life to the role of a dark-skinned girl. The rest of the actors in the movie also performed well.

Music and Cinematography

The music of Pinky Beauty Parlour is a blend of soulful melodies and peppy tracks that add to the movie’s overall mood. The soundtrack is diverse and offers a range of emotions. The song “Talcum Powder,” sung by June Banerjee and Arbind is a soulful melody that increases the dramatic tone of the movie. At the same time, the romantic song “Bandishen,” sung by Swanand Kirkire and Shivika Rajesh, also strikes a chord with its emotional lyrics and soul-stirring tune. The peppy tracks like “Bullshit Bullshit,” sung by Rupali Moghe, Khushboo Gupta, and Akshay Singh, add energy to the movie and complement the dramatic sequences.

The cinematography of Pinky Beauty Parlour is visually stunning, capturing the picturesque locales of Varanasi with breathtaking visuals. Gagandeep Singh’s cinematography adds depth and dimension to the movie, creating a captivating visual experience for the viewers. The parlor sequences, a movie highlight, are brilliantly choreographed and shot. The use of lighting, color tones, and camera angles further enhance the mood and tone of the movie, making it a visual treat.

Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie (2023) | Cast and Story

Pinky Beauty Parlour Movie: Final Verdict

Pinky Beauty Parlour is an interesting drama movie that engages viewers with its unique narrative structure, gripping screenplay, and stellar performances. Akshay Singh’s direction is skillful, creating a dark and moody atmosphere that complements the genre of the movie. The cast’s performances are outstanding, with Sulagna Panigrahi, Khushboo Gupta, and Vishwanath Chatterjee delivering stellar acts that leave a lasting impact.

However, the movie does have some minor drawbacks. Some characters could have been given more depth and development. The pacing of the movie could have been tighter in certain portions. Despite these minor flaws, Pinky Beauty Parlour is a gripping thriller that offers an engaging cinematic experience. 

In conclusion, Pinky Beauty Parlour is a must-watch for romance and suspenseful drama fans. The movie leaves a lasting impact with its unique narrative and surprising twists, keeping the viewers hooked until the end. Whether you are a fan of romance, suspense, or emotional drama, Pinky Beauty Parlour offers an interesting ride that keeps you entertained and engaged.