Protect your Facebook data accessed by apps

Protect your Facebook data accessed by apps

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These days apps make login to websites easier by logging in by Facebook or Google. Thus these apps get access to all your Facebook data which is quite unsafe.

Facebook now has changed its settings so that your data is safe. Navigate to ‘Settings’ and ‘Apps and Websites’ in Facebook. You can remove the apps which you are not using and don’t want these apps to be connected to Facebook.
This section has three tabs – active, expired and removed.

Active apps are currently connected to your Facebook data. You have recently logged into them using Facebook login and these apps can request information which you have chosen to share with them.

Expired tabs has a list of applications and websites in which you have not logged in recently. They may still have access to some of your Facebook data but cannot make any additional request of data.

Removed tabs has the list of applications or websites which you have removed from Facebook. These also like Expired tabs may have access to some of your Facebook data which you had previously shared but cannot make any additional request for private information.

There is another control – turning off ‘apps, websites and games’ will block you from logging into apps or websites using Facebook – this feature is quite safe. Though this may delete pictures or videos shared by this app on your timeline.

Revoking access won’t delete any information that is provided to the app but at least the app won’t get any new information about you. As days pass, old information is of no value. Apps really don’t need to know what pages you have liked or whom you follow on Facebook. Keep your private data on Facebook safe by all means.

Also manage your Ad preferences in Facebook. Go to ‘Settings” and visit the ‘Ads’ tab. Turn off permissions for ads which use your relationship status or age or job title. You can further remove data that Facebook has gathered from your profile to make you interested for ad targeting.

Nothing is secure in this online world, still try to be safe than sorry.