Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing

Real Bike Racing is a thrilling motor bike racing game. Simple controls and decent graphics make it exciting for bike lovers.

This game has basically two modes: Quick Game Mode and Career Mode.

Quick Game mode has all country maps, just choose one map and play the game.

Career mode has different options – Normal, Time Trial, and Knockout. First select a map and then select the options to play.

An accelerator touch button and a decelerate touch button is provided to race in the game. Turning is done by shaking the device. You are always kept last in the racing order. Initially, there are some crazy opponents who try to knock you down, so that you lose track of the game. Some maps have very sharp turns and it is not possible to race on the turns with high speed so one has to be careful. Best is to decelerate slowly on the turns and then increase the speed later.

The most difficult race is knockout, where the last one is out of the race. The best thing about this game is even if you hit the sides or collide with any bike rider and fall down, you are given another chance in 2 seconds to race again.

Play this game everyday to claim free gold coins and various rewards.

Bike can be customized according to color, handling, acceleration and speed. You need gold coins to customize the bike. In case you do not have sufficient gold coins, you can wait till you get some.

There are 10+ types of unique superbikes in the game. Fully functional rear view mirrors are also provided. Realistic 3D graphics with dynamic lighting effects is the highlight of this game.

Real Bike Racing is a must have game for all motor bike riders!

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