Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is a game developed in 2013 by Firemonkeys Studios and published by Electronic Arts. This game is a sequel to 2009’s Real Racing and 2010’s Real Racing 2. It is free to download through it has some enhancements as in-app purchases.

Real Racing 3 includes Real Cars, Tracks and People. 39 Circuits which officially licensed tracks at 17 real-world location and 43-car grid from officially licensed 140 manufacturers. Cars include Audi, Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti, Ford, Ferrari, McLaren, Koenigsegg etc. Unlike the previous versions, players need to service their car from time to time and it requires in-game cash and real-world time.

In the tutorial, players are given a Porsche 911 GT3 RS and later on players have two car choices – Nissan Silvia S15 or Ford Focus RS to start with. The game starts with driver level 8 and gradually increases as player wins matches and gains “fame points”. Depending on the fame points to reach new level, the game rewards from 50 to 100 coins of the premium currency. The game is divided into several series, series into tiers and tiers into races.

Series: There are 59 series in the game and only certain cars can be used in the series (usually four). Unlike the previous game, any car can be used in the series but there are few exceptions. After completing a series, a player is awarded with R$ and gold coins depending on how much % of the series is won.

Tiers: Every series has about 17-19 tiers which usually have about 1-3 races each. Once a player unlocks a new series, only the first tier is available and others get unlocked as the player wins the races.

Currency: As mentioned before, there are two types on in-game currency – R$ and gold coins. R$ are earned by completing races, series or not bumping into cars etc., whereas gold coins are earned only after completing a quarter of the series thus advancing to a higher driver level or by watching ads in the game. Gold coins can be used to finish maintenance whereas R$ can be used to buy upgrades, customize cars or purchase cars.

Drive points: These are needed to participate in time trials. Each race costs one drive point. Initially a player is given 2 drive points. Drive points can be refilled by gold coins or by waiting for 18 minutes to earn one drive point.
VIP Service: It is available for every car in the game. This service can be purchased by in-app purchase with real money. It reduces the service time and upgrade time of a car and finishes it instantly.

Crew Members: They can be hired before every race. A manager gives double R$, Agent gives double fame and an Auto Engineer maintains the condition of car if the player ranks first in the race. Each crew member costs one gold coin but they offer free services from time to time.

Event Types – There are 11 different types of events.
Cup: A basic race against 21 opponents over several laps.
NASCAR: 42 opponents race with drifting available
Elimination: race against 7 opponents where every last player is eliminated after 20 seconds
Endurance: It starts with 60 seconds, every player should cover a certain distance within the given time, and extra time is given for overtaking and completing laps (90 seconds)
Head-to-Head: similar to Cup but only one opponent.
Autocross: A player has to complete a portion of track within the given time.
Speed Record: A player has to reach a certain speed in a single lap.
Drag Race: A 2 car drag race with 3 opponents taking turns.
Hunter: The opponent is given a head start against the player and the player must try to reduce the gap or overtake the player to win.
Time Trial: Race has to be completed as fast as possible without the car leaving the track or bumping the walls. (drive points needed)

The best part about this game is that it is multiplayer. All online players can play this game.

Welcome to the definitive real-world racing experience.

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