Selfiee Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Selfiee Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Selfiee Movie Review – Hindi comedy-drama about a rivalry between an RTO inspector and an actor over a driving license, leading to chaos.

Bollywood’s most awaited movie has finally been released in theaters. This movie starring Akshay Kumar and Emraan Hashmi, is a family-packed drama and comedy. Fans have been waiting for this movie for a long time, and when it was released, people gave different reactions and reviews to it. The movie Selfiee showcases the selfie craze that celebrities are pushed and shoved daily. Fans are polite before taking a selfie, but their attitude changes if they do not get a chance to take a selfie. The injury is directly on the ego if you do not get a selfie. Read the Selfiee Movie Review to know if you should watch this movie or not.

Cast: Akshay Kumar, Emraan Hashmi, Diana Penty, Nushrat Bharucha, Abhimanyu Singh, Mrunal Thakur, Adah Sharma

Director: Raj Mehta

Selfiee Movie Story

RTO officer Omprakash lives in Bhopal with his wife and eight-year-old son. Omprakash and his son are crazy about superstar Vijay. When Vijay comes to Bhopal for shooting, Omprakash’s desire to take a selfie starts. Vijay has lost his driving license. He desperately needs a new driving license. When the matter reaches Omprakash, he calls superstar Vijay to the RTO office for five minutes.

In the movie, Omprakash Agarwal, who works at the RTO, agrees to give superstar Vijay a driver’s license in exchange for a selfie. Vijay reaches but gets furious seeing the media there. Before the matter reaches the selfie, a misunderstanding happens. The media knows that superstar Vijay does not have a license and is still driving without a license.

Vijay thinks that Omprakash has called the media. He takes out all his anger on Omprakash. Omprakash also gets enraged and says that now he will have to stand in line to get a driving license like an ordinary man and give an exam; only then will the license be made. Vijay accepts the challenge.

Selfiee Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Selfiee Movie Review: Direction

Raj Mehta is one of those directors in Bollywood who win the audience’s hearts with small moments and bring smiles to their faces. But this time, his magic is not working. While watching the movie, you will often see the lack of tightness in the direction. It was a minor issue that could be resolved. If we talk about Raj Mehta’s direction, the work is better than the movie Jugjugg Jeeyo but slightly less than Good Newwz.

The story and screenplay have been written so that many questions arise. Is this the story of a commoner trying to avenge the attack on his family? Is it about the abuse of power? Is it about how politics and media play and sensationalize simple things? Is it about a clash of egos? Well, it’s about all of that combined.

The movie’s story is different, but the way the scenes have been created doesn’t appeal. The matter was drawn a lot by making it a spectacle, so the audience could not connect with the movie. The movie takes several turns. The director has carefully added comic scenes throughout the movie. His interactions, especially with Akshay Kumar and Meghna Malik, invoke genuine laughs.

Selfiee Movie Cast and Acting

Akshay Kumar impresses with his acting skills in emotional scenes. However, he doesn’t look like the superstar portrayed in the movie. Emraan Hashmi’s acting can be said to be okay, but his fake mustache and fake wigs are eye-catching. Emraan’s Bhopali accent has not been missed, which is a great pleasure to listen to.

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There are heroines named Nushrratt Bharuccha and Diana Penty, but only a few scenes are found. Although both the heroines have nothing special to do in the movie. Diana’s character in the movie is tiny, and she has not been able to show anything special in character. However, Nusrat has entertained in many scenes even after a minor role.

The screen presence of Mrunal Thakur and Adah Sharma is also good. The scenes of Abhimanyu Singh in the name of comedy are very childish. Laughter doesn’t come, but irritation arises. The media has been shown a lot, but no journalist asks vital questions. Some anchors have been made to act like clowns, due to which the seriousness of the matter ends.

Music and Cinematography

Talking about the movie’s music, the background music is deafening, which can be unbearable for the audience in many places. The music in the movie only serves to enhance the atmosphere of the audience sitting in theaters. The movie has many songs: Main Khiladi, Kudiyee Ni Teri, Sher, Kudi Chamkeeli, and Selfiee.

Talking about the movie’s technical aspect, much work was done on cinematography, camera, and editing. Cinematographer Rajeev Ravi introduces you to the culture of Bhopal. He presented the movie beautifully with his camera. In terms of editing, this movie is tight. The music, cinematography, production design, and technical level could improve.

Selfiee Movie Review - Hindi comedy-drama about a rivalry between an RTO inspector and an actor over a driving license, leading to chaos.

Selfiee Movie Review: Final Verdict

Hindi filmmakers are constantly making remakes, and Selfiee is the Hindi remake of the Malayalam movie ‘Driving License.’ However, Hindi filmmakers make a mess while making remakes. The remake is different from the level of the original movie.

The movie’s biggest weakness is its story, in which there needs to be more innovation. The people very much like the story of the movie. The comedy seen in the movie is also winning people’s hearts. Apart from this, people also like many emotional dialogues and scenes in the movie.

The Raj Mehta-directed movie Selfie will not be called a movie that will be remembered for a long time. However, it can be comfortably called a one-time, complete fun-filled family movie. To conclude, director Raj Mehta has given his touch by lifting the best parts from Driving License for Selfiee, which makes this remake a watchable movie. You can enjoy this movie with your family in theatres.