Sharmaji Namkeen Movie (2022) | Cast, Trailer and Story

Sharmaji Namkeen Movie (2022) | Cast, Trailer and Story

Sharmaji Namkeen is a fantastic movie that depicts a nice middle-class story. The creators have done an excellent job presenting the tribute colours to the audience. This movie is highly noteworthy because it is Rishi Kapoor’s last movie, and he has been well-respected throughout this story.

Sharmaji Namkeen Movie Story

The movie is about Brij Gopal Sharma (Rishi Kapoor), a retired police officer. Although he lives with his two sons, he is frightened of what he will do if he stays alone in the house. Sharmaji’s sons, on the other hand, wish for him to remain at home and recuperate. As time passes, he begins cooking, and his passion develops into a part-time profession.

Eventually, at the advice of his friend, Sharmaji goes to work as a cook at a kitty party. At this kitty party, Sharmaji makes some excellent friends. Everyone at the kitty party gets impressed by Sharmaji’s cook skills. Everything goes well till the day Sharmaji’s sons come to know about their dad’s cooking and this forms the crux of the story.

Sharmaji Namkeen Movie Trailer

Direction and Screenplay

Hitesh Bhatia directs this light-hearted comedy movie, and he does an excellent job. The movie’s narrative and photography are both excellent. The movie contains numerous one-liner gags that will make the audience laugh. Technically, the movie is excellent, and there is no doubt that it features some excellent actors. However, the director has compelled them to perform admirably.

At first glance, it appears as though the movie will focus only on Sharmaji. Regardless, the writers gradually reveal their cards. Sharmaji’s relationships with his sons have been thoroughly portrayed along with  some outstanding scenes and dialogues. Supratik Sen and Hitesh Bhatia have written an excellent screenplay in general.

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Sharmaji Namkeen Movie (2022) | Cast, Trailer and Story

Sharmaji Namkeen Movie Acting

Rishi Kapoor delivered an outstanding performance throughout the movie in terms of performance. His facial expressions are incredible. One may become emotional when viewing all the scenes as a homage to Rishi Kapoor. Rishi Kapoor portrays an innocent character for the last time, and Paresh Rawal also performs admirably.

Juhi Chawla delivers an outstanding performance in the movie and looks stunning in most of the scenes. Suhail Nayyar has nailed the role of Rishi Kapoor’s son. Isha Talwar also delivers an outstanding performance in the movie. In a nutshell, all of the actors performed well.

Final Verdict

The movie’s story is compelling enough to keep the audience involved. The movie features an intense storyline filled with humour and punchlines. Except for a few script errors, the movie is worth watching. This is the narrative of a mature relationship in which the director and writers have demonstrated exceptional support for one another. However, because the movie moves at a snail’s pace, it isn’t easy to foresee anything.

A middle-class movie that has captivated a large audience. The primary reason to watch this movie is to see Rishi Kapoor for the last time. If you’re looking for a family movie that is clean, unique, and well-executed, ‘Sharmaji Namkeen’ may be the finest choice.