Speed Racing Extended Free

Speed Racing Extended Free

Speed Racing Extended Free is based on Speed Racing Ultimate.
Here 8 different Prestigious Supercars are available to race on 20 different tracks. Choose the level of difficulty: “Beginner”, “Expert” or “Pilot”. Race against the best drivers in the world and increase your money.

You can upgrade your Supercar by changing the color of the car and you can also opt for a better powerful car. You can upgrade all these in the Shop if you have enough money. Race and come in the top 3 positions to earn more money.

Master acceleration, braking, speeding and handling of the car. Remember, Drift is your friend. Drift as much as possible. Be careful of the sharp turns in the Beginner Level. Speed is your ally if you master it well.

There is a Traning mode available which you can play before the Beginner mode to get more practice.
Ranking in the top 3 gives you a special bonus. Never crash your Supercar throughout the game and get a Perfect bonus. Practice with the beginner level first and then move on to the next levels. The Pilot level is very difficult but gives more money. There is a Fight level too which has no limit.

The timing of each race is recorded. You can share your score online. You can compete with players in the World. Try to stay in top ranking. World High Scores can be viewed anytime.

This game has full 3D Real Time Rendering and Spectacular SFX. Incredible arcade physics is the best point about this game. Accelerometer sensibility can be selected and Camera can be adjusted as per your convenience.

Try to get the Gold Cup of the Ultimate Track. An awesome game for the car lovers.

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