Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited

Spider-Man Unlimited is an American animated series produced by Saban Entertainment which has the Marvel comic book superhero Spider-Man.

John Jameson’s one-man mission to Counter-Earth(another Earth set on the far endorse of the Sun) is being covered by Spider-Man. While covering this launch, Spider-Man attempts to finish his two symbiote adversaries Venom and Carnage from boarding the shuttle craft. Spider-Man is blamed for Jameson losing contact with our Earth and Spider-Man becomes a place of persecution by the media. Spider-Man saves a person’s life in a fire and is believed to be dead. Peter Parker uses the manuever to proceed on an operation to save John Jameson on Counter-Earth. His new Spider suit incorporates built in web shooters, stealth technology and anti-symbiotic weaponry. The suit is based on nano-technology and is borrowed from Reed Richards. Spider-Man on the way to planet learns that Jameson has fallen in with a band of freedom fighters who are Beastly creatures ( hybrids of animal and humans) and are the dominant species whereas Humans are the second-class minority.

Jameson does not want to return until all the Beastials are defeated, so Spider-Man decides to remain on Counter-Earth doing his best and fighting against all these creatures. Venom and Carnage also are discovered on Counter-Earth and take orders from Synoptic, a hive-minded legion of Counter-Earth Symbiotes. This series has Jameson in animated version as Man-Wolf and it also has superhero versions of the major villains like Green Goblin and the Vulture.

Collect all the Spider-Man and Spider-Woman in your team and fight against the ultimate threat in the story-driven endless runner!

Feel the story from Marvel comic as you recruit your team-mates which consists of spider-man of different energy and power. Also combat against Sinister Six, who in New York have opened a new dimensional portal to summon endless version of themselves/ The exponential evil is moving from one dimension to another, destroying every dimension. Fight to Survive!

Enjoy the Spider-Man as Web Runner, it can swing, run and fight throughout Manhattan in 7 different Marvel Environments. Fight in battles against super villains and go beyond a runner. Every story mode has 5 boss battles and 25 missions. Daily and Weekly events are also available with amazing rewards. Rank up in the Leader boards in the Unlimited mode.

There are iconic characters of Spider-Man including dimensional Spideys and multiple variations of each villain including Nick Fury, Mary Jane and Black Cat.

Can you survive the battle for dimension? Come on, fight to survive and save lives!

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