Star Chef

Star Chef

Star Chef – An excellent game on cooking. Dream about being a master chef and having your own restaurant in this game.

From soups starters, snacks like burgers, pizza, cookies to main course – all are there in this game. All cuisines across the world you can add in your restaurant. Serve your Customers the dishes they desire and earn more coins. Grow from an amateur cook to a professional one!

Top Chef isn’t about just running the kitchen, it requires that you select the right tools in the kitchen, get fresh ingredients, bring the flavor and spice in the dishes you cook. Get ingredients from Supermarket, get cream and butter from dairy and meat from Meat store. Decorate your restaurant with elegance and pursue your dream of being a Star Chef.

Hire skilled staff to manage your kitchen as handling a kitchen alone isn’t easy. Grow all vegetables fresh in your backyard. Customize and build your restaurant with floor designs, stylish tables, Christmas tree and much more!

Get help from fellow cooks, also trade food and get likes from them. Food truck also sells food and vegetables at affordable prices. You can always buy if you don’t have the dish or vegetable. Joe’s delivery service also is in handy but you always need some cash in hand to use this service.

Sell vegetables or the dishes you have cooked at the Chef’s Store to earn more coins. Also collect money from the achievements you have earned by clicking on a statue outside your restaurant.

The interesting thing about this game is that if you don’t have any ingredient to cook a dish, customers keep on waiting till you give them dish. They wait for days, LOL, unlike other games where customers get angry and walk away.

A world-class kitchen with the top appliances – make your own catering business and expand your Restaurant Empire!

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