Super Jabber Jump

Super Jabber Jump

Super Jabber Jump is a game similar to Mario though a complete ripoff from the original Mario.
This game has a really simple interface. A play button and 3 options to the left: a cowboy, speech bubble and settings. Speech bubble is meant to review the game and settings has the option to control sound and music as well as smoothing.

The chunky graphics and retro washed out graphics blend together and make this game really visually appealing.

The number of lives and time is limited to finish the levels so one has to be smart to avoid obstacles and jump wherever necessary. Exhaustible weapons also are provided to use on enemies and coins can be collected while travelling. Boosts also are available in the game.

The controls are easy but the double jump in certain places is not so easy to handle. Looking for hammers to kill enemies is very useful or you have to spend money. Breaking blocks is a bit boring.

Banners are displayed at the bottom of the screen so one has to be careful not to click on them while playing the game. Though the game also throws full page ads in between.

Collect a large number of coins to get 3 stars but do watch out on the time as you don’t have much time to complete the level. There is no scoreboard in the game, it would have given a reason to defeat enemies.

Super Jabber Jump keeps the gamer engaged and elements become familiar very soon due to graphics used in the game. New twists are every often there in the game. Easy controls for navigation and relatively intuitive upgrade process makes this game really engrossing.

Super Jabber Jump may disappoint hard core action gamers but in long run, it is the best game to play to pass time.

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