Water Slide 3D

Water Slide 3D

Water Slide 3D – Keep collecting coins as you slide in water. You can switch cameras in this game to view from first person’s angle to second. Push the hurdles or dodge them carefully. You can also use force to get rid of the obstacles.

The continuous zigzag drive is really addictive and this game can keep you busy for hours. Collect boosters like magnets which attract gold coins.

There are more than 40 challenges in every slide of this game. Backgrounds vary from 3Dcityscape, rain forests, snowy mountains and Egypt pyramids. Be on your toes, else you may slide off. Your posture has to be accurate to take the plunge and hit with pressure while you collect all that you can before the ride ends.

There are 7 unique riders and 6 different rafts or tubes to choose. You can buy them as you earn gold coins in each level as you advance.

The thrill is there in this game, money is also there along with the choices to help you bond with this game. It is enjoyable, adrenaline rushing fun you could ever have.

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