36 Farmhouse Movie (2022) | Actors, Story and Review

36 Farmhouse Movie (2022) | Actors, Story and Review

Series and movies have begun to be produced based on the events that occurred during the Corona period of lockdown. The film ’36 Farmhouse’ was launched on the OTT (Over the Top) platform in this series.

Cast: Ashwini Kalsekar, Sanjay Mishra, Amol Parashar, Vijay Raaz, Flora Saini

Director: Ram Ramesh Sharma

36 Farmhouse Story

The story is set against the backdrop of a 2020 lockdown. On the outskirts of Mumbai, the farm home is situated across 300 acres. The slothful son devises a clever game plan for reclaiming all of his fortune and recouping the funds from his bankrupt firm. However, as planned, nothing occurs, but a murder occurs.

Now, who is responsible for this crime, and why does murder occur? During this whole mystery, several new characters are introduced. Thus, while this movie does contain a murder mystery, the storyline is presented in a humorous way.

The story is constructed by contrasting the lockdown scenario between property games. The police also keep coming and going; how the truth is revealed and how this movie entertains you, you will have to watch the movie to find out.

36 Farmhouse Acting

All of the performers’ acting is fairly decent; it’s not quite that good, but it’s not nearly that awful either. The plot of the movie is also pretty straightforward; the viewer will already be familiar with a good deal of facts.

In terms of acting, this movie has a slew of notable stars, yet their performances on-screen have been unimpressive. Sanjay Mishra and Madhuri Bhatia star in lead roles in this movie. The supporting cast, which includes Vijay Raj, Ashwin, and Amol, all perform admirably.

This time, Vijay Raj appears in the movie in a manner that is slightly different from his prior appearances. Sanjay Mishra comes on screen for a brief moment, yet he leaves an impression. He is fully immersed in the position of chef. Additionally, Amol Parasar and Barkha Singh’s work is excellent. Ashwini and Madhuri Bhatia have also contributed significantly.

36 Farmhouse Movie (2022) | Actors, Story and Review

Music, Writing and Direction

The movie’s narrative is fairly flimsy. You will not notice anything novel in the dialogue delivery or even the movie’s music. In terms of music, this movie appears to be from another era. The songs are lousy, as are their melodies. The directing of Ram Ramesh Sharma is underway. Additionally, the editing is rather poor on the technical side of the movie which is shown in a number of sequences throughout the movie.

Although the movie has no major flaws, the challenges and events surrounding the lockdown should have been portrayed better. Migrant laborers had several difficulties during the lockdown. The filmmaker has made an attempt to maintain his point of view. It’s a positive aspect of this movie that the matter has been addressed, although in a lighthearted manner.

Final Verdict

The Covid epidemic altered the landscape of the entertainment industry. The viewer now has the option of watching a plethora of web series and movies online. In such a setting, although the epidemic has elevated the OTT world to the level of popular entertainment, On the other hand, Covid became an element of the stories of several directors.

When renowned filmmaker Subhash Ghai returned to filmmaking after a lengthy break, he too picked a Covid subject in the shape of the movie ’36 Farmhouse’. You won’t see anything new in this movie, but it may provide some enjoyable amusement; it’s all up to you what sort of movie you enjoy seeing. If you’re desperate to kill time, this movie is a must-see.