Bholaa Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Budget

Bholaa Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Budget

Bholaa Movie Review – “In ‘Bholaa’, an ex-convict fights criminals while transporting poisoned cops to reunite with his daughter.”

Bollywood actor Ajay Devan’s movie ‘Drishyam’ did wonders at the box office last year under odd circumstances. After Drishyam, when Ajay decided to make ‘Bholaa,’ the official Hindi remake of the Tamil movie ‘Kaithi,’ everyone was sure this movie would also be a hit. If you are a fan of action movies, read this Bholaa Movie Review to know whether it is worth watching.

Cast: Ajay Devgn, Tabu, Deepak Dobriyal, Sanjay Mishra, Vineet Kumar

Director: Ajay Devan


The story of the movie revolves around Bholaa. Three incidents are shown at the movie’s beginning, which comes together later and take the movie forward. Bholaa is serving a life sentence in a murder case, but seeing his conduct, he is released from jail early. After being released from prison, he remembers having a daughter who was kept in an orphanage. He goes from Allahabad to Lucknow to meet her, but on the way, police officer Diana comes looking for him.

In the second incident, a woman police officer SP Diana Joseph recovers a massive consignment of drugs, which has goods worth one thousand crores. She hides the goods in the bunker of a police station and locks the smugglers caught along with them in the lockup. The third incident is the retirement party of a senior officer of the zone. In this, Diana reaches out to her team. There she talks to her senior officer about the consignment of drugs. But here a big accident happens.

One of the police officers would have met the drug smugglers. He is sending all the information to them. In this, Bholaa helps him even without wanting to. Bholaa single-handedly gets rid of everyone. Then the leader of the drug traffickers attacks the police station along with his associates. Can cops save thousands of crores of drugs?

Bholaa Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Budget

Writing and Direction

There is little to show in the story. Since the story is of one night, it ultimately rests on the tension. Ajay Devgan missed out as a director. He showed much action, but he could not create the tension that the audience wanted to present in his presentation, and this is where ‘Bholaa’ becomes weak. 

If you search in the screenplay, you will see many things that could be improved. The movie’s beginning is confusing, making it difficult to understand who is what. When everything is understood, the writer and director become empty, and the matter has been drawn again. Since the drama has no tension, the audience wants the movie to end soon. 

An emotional angle of Bholaa and his daughter has also been inserted in the story, which makes one a bit emotional. It could have been presented in a better way. Bhola’s love story does not show any effect. Action directors did their job well, but Ajay Devgan could only impress a little as a director. Ajay has not been able to elevate the villain’s character properly, which is a big minus point. 

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There is much action in the movie, and this action is without a pistol or gun so that Ajay Devgn can show his heroism. The action of the movie is full of bloodshed. Elbows and knees are broken, necks are twisted, tri shuls are crossed through the stomach, and fierce punching is shown. Some action sequences, like the bikers chasing Bhola’s truck and Bholaa fighting with Trishul, are well done. In the climax, Bholaa kills hundreds of people with a KGF-style machine gun. The all-inclusive budget of the movie ‘Bholaa’ is estimated to be 100 crores, including advertising costs and star salaries, making ‘Bholaa Movie Budget‘ a whopping figure for this high-budget action-adventure film (Source). 

Bholaa Movie Cast and Acting

The actors didn’t have much to do except act out the action. Ajay Devgan and Tabu have impressed people by working together on many movies. Ajay Devgan’s character Bholaa is a silent hero who talks less with his eyes than his tongue. Speaks less but speaks precisely and effectively. Tabu, as always, looks adorable and powerful. Her impressive entry is when she is seen chasing a truck and performing amazing stunts.

Sanjay Mishra is in the role of a Havaldar, which is a small but powerful role. Deepak Dobriyal has impressed in the character of Ashwatthama. He has mostly been seen in comedy roles but is also seen as solid in the supporting villain character. Vineet Kumar is in the role of the main villain Nithari, but his work in the movie should be more solid. Gajraj Rao was a victim of overacting. The most shocking character in the movie is Abhishek Bachchan. He comes at the end of the movie and takes everyone by surprise. 

Music and Cinematography

Aseem Bajaj’s cinematography is superb. He has used tight close-ups very well. Ramzan Bulut and RP Yadav’s action and stunts are also great. Ravi Basrur’s background music is deafening; sometimes, even the dialogues are inaudible. The sets look fake. There are also two-three songs in the movie that appeal very little. 

Bholaa Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Budget

Bholaa Movie Review: Final Verdict

After Drishyam, when Ajay decided to make ‘Bholaa,’ the official Hindi remake of the Tamil movie ‘Kaithi,’ everyone was sure this movie would also be a hit. There are two big USPs of the movie ‘Bhola,’ which compels one to watch it. Firstly, the tremendous action scenes are shown in it, and secondly, the actors’ strong acting performance. The movie creates value on both these levels. From the first to the last scene, some scenes compel you to hold your breath, which has hardly been seen in any Bollywood movie before. 

Ajay Devgan himself is an action king. His father is a famous action director. Ajay has redeemed his USP throughout the movie. It would not be an exaggeration to call it an action-oriented movie. Ajay Devgan, Tabu, and Deepak Dobriyal acted powerfully in this high-octane sequence. But the weak story has spoiled the fun a bit. The only shortcoming is in the story, which is missing in front of the action. More impact could have been created by reducing the runtime of the movie. 

Overall, ‘Bhola’ is a movie worth watching. If you enjoy action movies, this is nothing less than a treat.