Deepika Padukone’s Myntra Ad is touching hearts…

Deepika Padukone Myntra

Interestingly, Deepika Padukone ads have an emotional connect and has taken an imaginative course. Her own particular garments line – Myntra, “Tere Saath Tu” is inspiring ladies to have confidence in themselves.

Myntra, famous for its simplistic design, Deepika Padukone is currently it to higher levels with her own ideas and core philosophy which is loved by everyone. It pays a tribute to ladies by saying “You are your own quality, the maker of your own fate”.

The ad is about three ladies (Deepika, Bani and Mahek) with dreams, enthusiasm and desire. Deepika Padukone is a professional artist, Bani is a music lover and teacher and Mahek is going to confess her love. The promotion tracks how these three ladies defeat their feelings of dread and aversion in each of their endeavors and take strong, sure strides to accomplish their goals. The straightforward yet sincerely engaging promotion closes with the lines: “About Bani, All About Mahek, All About Deepika, All About You.”

In spite of the fact that Deepika Padukone has been occupied with her movies recently, she set aside out time for the battle since she feels strongly for the same.

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