Gumraah Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Gumraah Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Gumraah Movie Review – Aditya Roy Kapur stars in Gumraah, a crime thriller about an investigation into a murder with a twist.

Bollywood actors Aditya Roy and Ronit Roy’s movie ‘Gumraah’ has been released in theatres. It is the official Hindi remake of the Tamil movie ‘Thadam.’ After watching the interesting trailer, the audience was very excited about this movie. So let us tell you whether you should watch the movie or not. If you are a fan of murder mysteries, then read this Gumraah Movie Review to know whether it is worth watching.


Cast: Aditya Roy Kapoor, Mrunal Thakur, Vedika Pinto, Ronit Roy, Deepak Kalra

Director: Vardhan Ketkar


Gumraah Movie Review: Story

Gumraah Movie Story begins with a murder in Delhi’s Vasant Vihar area. This case is given to Shivani Mathur by the police. She has solved many murder cases before, so ACP Dhiren Yadav gives her this case. Sub Inspector Shivani Mathur and ACP Dhiren Yadav reach the spot and start investigating the murder. They arrested Arjun Sehgal, a civil engineer who came under suspicion during the investigation. 

There is some enmity between ACP Dhiren Yadav and Arjun Sehgal. He has already blamed Arjun Sehgal for this murder. The police are about to solve the case. However, while investigating, the police find Suraj, who looks like Arjun Sehgal, and the police arrest him as well. Now the challenge before the police is who is the accused between Arjun and Suraj. You must watch this movie if you also want to know the answer to this question.

Gumraah Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Writing and Direction

The movie is based on a murder case. The whole movie progresses like a mystery. The movie looks quite exciting in the beginning. But as the movie progresses, it becomes easy for the viewers to understand its direction. At the beginning of the story, it is understood that there are two identical-looking people in the story. The suspense arises in the story when people cannot predict who has murdered the two identical-looking people.

The movie has many actions, and some action sequences are well done. If you search in the screenplay, you will see many things that could be improved. The movie’s beginning is very confusing, and it is difficult to understand what is going on. Since there is no tension initially, the audience wants the movie to end soon. But in the second half, audiences start to feel the suspense.

Vardhan Ketkar directed the movie and copied everything from the Tamil movie Thadam. He should have added some tinge of Bollywood style to the movie because there is much difference between the South audience and the Hindi audience. The movie’s story was very interesting and different. However, the reason why this movie will connect with the audience was taken very lightly. As for the direction, the movie is very cold and boring. Despite this, the movie will keep you hooked till the end. The music and songs of the movie are entertaining. 

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Cast and Acting

Gumraah Movie Cast: Aditya Roy Kapur has played two roles in this story. He has done justice to both the characters Suraj and Arjun, and there has been much improvement in his acting. He has also tried to do some comedy in between the movie. Along with this, his action is also worth watching. At the same time, Mrinal Thakur seemed heavily invested in her character. She has done his work with utmost sincerity. 

Ronit Roy has done a commendable job, as always. He is such an experienced actor that his performance cannot be doubted. He played the role of ACP and looked excellent in his performance. Vedika Pinto looks beautiful in the movie, and her work is fine. She played the role of Arjun’s girlfriend in the movie and looks very cute. The work of the rest of the actors in the movie is also fine.

Music and Cinematography

The music and background music of the movie could be better. The cinematography of the movie could also have been better. The dialogues in the movie are very cheap in some scenes. The editing of the movie also needs improvement. This crime thriller could have become a good movie, but the boring screenplay of the movie and the forced kissing scenes in some scenes make the movie very cheap.

Gumraah Movie Review (2023) | Cast and Story

Gumraah Movie Review: Final Verdict

Gumraah is a decent murder mystery movie. The expectation with which the public comes to see this movie will be greatly disappointing. Viewers who want to see something new will not find this movie worthwhile. The whole story was shown in the trailer of the movie itself. In such a situation, one only sees that in the movie. Regarding the cast’s performance, Mrinal Thakur has done a commendable job in this movie.

The crime thriller Gumraah could have become a good movie, but the boring screenplay of the movie and the forced kissing scenes in some scenes make the movie very cheap. Some action scenes have been shot to increase screen time more than necessary. Despite this, the movie will keep you hooked till the end; the music and songs of the movie are entertaining. Ronit Roy has done a good job in the movie. The role of the female police was also very good. 

Vardhan Ketkar’s direction was good, but his grip got loose in the first half; if he had worked harder, things would have been different. Although loopholes are also seen in some places in the movie, if we ignore them, this movie can become your entertainment this weekend. If you are fond of suspense thriller movies, you can watch this movie once by going to the cinema hall.