Machine – Movie Review


Director: Abbas Burmawalla, Mustan Burmawalla

Cast: Mustafa Burmawalla, Kiara Advani, Ronit Roy, Supriya Karnik

Another new venture of Abbas-Mustan and this time it is a suspense thriller again. Abbas is launching his son Mustafa in this movie.

Ransh (Mustafa) is a machine without any heart. This machine is programmed to fall in love with girls and steal their money by killing them. Ransh meets Sarah (Kiara Advani) who is the daughter of a rich father (Ronit Roy). Sarah has just recovered from the loss of her dear friend Aditya (Eshan) and Ransh helps her forget her past.

Sarah is one of the best car racer but still Ransh wins the race. Ransh wins Sarah’s heart and is able to impress her dad too. A similar scene which was shown in Baazigar.

Both of them get married and go for honeymoon. Ransh throws Sarah from a cliff which is again copied from Baazigar movie.

What happens next is forms the climax of the movie.

This movie is shot in beautiful locations. Johnny Lever manages to save the grace of this movie by giving a friendly appearance.

Too many songs in the movie though none of them are entertaining. “Ek Chatur Naar” and “Tu Cheez Badi Hai Mast Mast” are remixed terribly and poorly shot.

Overall, not worth even for a machine to watch this movie except for cars, locations and supporting cast.

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