Mission Majnu Movie Review 2023 | Budget and Songs

Mission Majnu Movie Review 2023 | Budget and Songs

Mission Majnu Movie Review – A spy thriller with an interesting storyline along with excellent performances inspired by true events.

India conducted its first successful nuclear test on 18 May 1974 at Pokhran in Rajasthan. The code name of this operation was kept Smiling Buddha. In such a situation, despite losing three wars with India, Pakistan secretly decided to make an atomic bomb. However, their nefarious plans were not allowed to succeed by the brave spies of the country. The movie Mission Majnu is dedicated to such a fearless detective. Read this Mission Majnu Movie Review if you plan to watch this movie.

Cast: Siddharth Malhotra, Rashmika Mandanna, Kumud Mishra, Sharib Hashmi, Zakir Hussain

Director: Shantanu Bagchi


The story begins in 1974 with the introduction of Tariq alias Amandeep, a RAW agent. His father had committed suicide due to the accusation of treason. This pain keeps on burning him. On the other hand, Pakistan is shocked by the news of a successful nuclear test in India during the tenure of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi. The Prime Minister of Pakistan, Bhutto, decides to build an atomic bomb secretly and illegally.

The story of the movie is based on an actual incident. Tariq, an Indian agent, lives there as a citizen of Pakistan. He has also married a Pakistani girl Nasreen. He has a mission to complete. The name of the task is ‘Mission Majnu.’ Under this, he must find Pakistan’s nuclear facility, which is the place where Pakistan is making atomic bombs. Tariq is asked to gather information. Same old basic storyline.

The movie claims that it is based on actual events. It may be because it also takes along the political changes in India and Pakistan. Here in India, Emergency is implemented. After the Emergency, the formation of the Jan Sangh government took place in Congress. RAW is told to cancel the mission. Tariq gets the support of two other RAW agents to corroborate the news of the nuclear bomb-making in Pakistan.

Mission Majnu Movie Review 2023 | Budget and Songs

Writing and Direction

Some things could be improved in the movie. The screenplay by Sumit Bhateja, Parveez Sheikh, and Aseem Arora is not such that it can hook you up. Too predictable. If you understand cinema even a little, then you can already guess the events that will happen next. The direction of Shantanu Bagchi is also similar. Nothing special or new is visible. He had a good story so he could have done better. He could have made changes to the script according to himself.

More work should have been done on the detailing. There is a drone shot of Rawalpindi in the movie. In it, you will see the water tanks of today’s era. At the same time, the movie is set in the 70s. The movie lacks an emotional core. The screenplay is good for basic twists, but the structure is predictable overall. But the direction is good, and the movie can be called good. You will not get to see extreme patriotism in this movie.

The best thing is that it seems authentic because of its documentary style. However, in spy thriller movies, breathtaking sequences are essential to maintain the thrill of the story. The lack of joy is evident in the screenplay, but there is a thrill in the climax. Mission Majnu is undoubtedly an entertaining movie, but the movie also reminds me of other better movies.

Mission Majnu Movie Review: Acting

Many people liked Siddharth Malhotra a lot in Sher Shah. But in this movie, he has done much overacting in the role of RAW agent Tariq. At the beginning of the picture, he is seen overacting. As the movie progresses, his work gets better. Rashmika Mandanna has played the role of Siddharth Malhotra’s wife, Nasreen. She plays the character of a blind wife in the movie but hasn’t done justice to it at all. In many places, she can see.

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These two main actors in the movie, who have the entire movie on their shoulders, couldn’t do anything special about acting. But Kumud Mishra, Sharib Hashmi, and Zakir Hussain have done a great job. They have shown that good actors make a place for themselves even in very little space. Apart from him, Parmeet Sethi has also done a great job. The total Mission Majnu movie budget is around Rs 50 Crores.

Music and Cinematography

There are some great songs in the movie, like ‘Maati Ko Maa Kehte Hain’ and ‘Rabba Janda.’ Almost all Mission Majnu movie songs are upbeat and thrilling, contributing to the movie’s spy thriller atmosphere. The good thing about the movie is that the songs are situational, which doesn’t distract from the story. The background music is average. The movie is filled with fast-paced background music that captures excitement and energy.

Mission Majnu also has good cinematography. Every shot has been captured brilliantly by cinematographer Bijitesh De. There is excellent camera work and well-composed shots. The locations were carefully chosen to create the right look and feel for the movie.

Mission Majnu Movie Review 2023 | Budget and Songs

Mission Majnu Movie Review: Final Verdict

The feeling of patriotism does not boil while watching this movie. The dialogue of the movie has also yet to become strong. Dialogues of Dharmendra, Hema Malini, and Sholay have been used to tell that period. However, original clippings of Indira Gandhi and Zia-ul-Haq have been added in the beginning to lend credibility to the story. Due to its exciting story, it will only bore you a little.

Suspense needs to be improved in the movie’s story. Second, the movie’s beginning could have been better. Kumud Mishra’s excellent performance can be appreciated in the movie. Some scenes in this movie will remind you of Shershaah. It is evident from the movie that the director only paid attention to the locations. The dialogue and story of the movie need more guts. The supporting actors, Kumud Mishra and Sharib Hashmi, make the movie worth watching on Netflix.