The Kerala Story Movie Review (2023) | Story and Budget

The Kerala Story Movie Review (2023) | Story and Budget

The Kerala Story Movie Review – It is a controversial Hindi drama that explores the concept of “love jihad” and its alleged link to ISIS.

The Kerala Story is a Hindi-language movie that has been making waves in the movie industry since its release. Directed by well-known filmmaker Sudipto Sen, the movie is a communalist story of family, love, and religious life in Kerala. With a highly talented cast, exceptional writing, and beautiful cinematography, The Kerala Story could be a must-watch for any cinema lover. In this The Kerala Movie Review, we will delve into the different aspects of the movie and provide a detailed review.

Cast: Adah Sharma, Yogita Bihani, Sonia Balani, Siddhi Idnani, Devadarshini, Vijay Krishna, Pranay Pachauri, Pranav Misshra

Director: Sudipto Sen

The Kerala Movie Story

‘The Kerala Story’ is the story of three young women who are victims at the hands of ISIS. The story begins in an interrogation room. Adah Sharma reveals her sad and painful past and explains how she got there. Her backstory centers around four nursing college students, all women. Shalini narrates the story, offering her perspective and discussing her roommates: Geetanjali, Nimah, and Asifa.

The movie follows Shalini Unnikrishnan, also known as Fathima, a nursing student and a Hindu from Kerala, who falls victim to an Islamic group that brainwashes her as an ISIS terrorist. The movie also highlights the controversial concept of ‘Love Jihad,’ in which Muslim men pretend to love Hindu girls to convert them to Islam and leave their families. Additionally, Shalini’s roommate Asifa has a hidden agenda of exposing her roommates’ secrets and convincing them to convert to Islam.

During Shalini’s interrogation, several close-up shots of her are added to the movie to create a sense of tragedy and sympathy from the audience. The movie exposes the insidious network that recruits and exploits brainwashed and converted women from Kerala to support terrorism, sending them to Syria via Pakistan and Afghanistan, where they are forced to become sex slaves or suicide bombers. One particular scene is incredibly pathetic, where Shalini (also known as Fatima) is tortured by her husband while pregnant, adding to her suffering.

Yogita Bihani, also known as Nimah, is a Catholic girl who refuses to fall into the trap and goes missing halfway through the movie. However, she later returns to save the young girls who have fallen victim to the same fate. She emerges as a hero in the climactic scene, delivering a solid monologue. As the makers of ‘The Kerala Story’ claim that it is based on actual events, the movie displays a deep emotional vulnerability.

The Kerala Story Movie Review (2023) | Story and Budget

Writing and Direction

The writing of The Kerala Story is exceptional, with the story seamlessly weaving between different periods and characters. The dialogues are natural and realistic, capturing the religious threat in Kerala. The movie explores the complexity of family relationships and the challenges that come with them, making it relatable to audiences of all ages. The movie also highlights the importance of family values and their role in shaping our lives.

Sudipto Sen’s direction in The Kerala Story is top-notch, with the filmmaker effortlessly bringing the story to life on the big screen. His attention to detail is evident in every frame, and he manages to capture the essence of Kerala in a stunning and authentic way. Sudipto Sen also works to draw out outstanding performances from his cast, making the movie a true masterpiece.

Cast and Acting

The acting in The Kerala Story is superb, with every cast member delivering a standout performance. Adah Sharma, who plays the lead role of Shalini, is exceptional in his portrayal of a brainwashed girl grappling with the complexities of family life. Other notable performances include Sonia Balani as Asifa and Yogita Bihani as Nimah. The chemistry between the cast members is touchable, making the movie a joy. The Kerala Story movie budget was around Rs. 30 Crores.

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The music in The Kerala Story is a treat for the ears, with composer Bishakhjyoti and Viresh Sreevalsa delivering a soul-stirring soundtrack that perfectly complements the story. The songs are beautifully written and sung, with each track adding to the emotional depth of the movie. The movie’s background music is equally impressive, enhancing the mood and tone of the story.


The cinematography in The Kerala Story is simply breathtaking, with cameramen Prasantanu and Mohapatra capturing the beauty of Kerala in all its glory. Every frame is a visual treat, from the lush green landscapes to the bustling streets. The film’s use of natural lighting and colors adds to its authentic feel, making it a true masterpiece of cinematography—the Kerala Story movie box office collection of Rs 80 Crores in just seven days.

The Kerala Story Movie Review (2023) | Story and Budget

The Kerala Story Review: Conclusion

‘The Kerala Story’ attempts to evoke sympathy for Shalini but sometimes becomes overly dramatic and contrived. Several scenes come across as gimmicky and raise questions about our religious beliefs, whether Hinduism or Islam. Portraying the victims of ‘Love Jihad’ on the big screen was a formidable task, and the filmmakers have partly succeeded. The movie includes some elements that are inappropriate and do not fit well. At the same time, director Sudipto Sen strives to strike a balance between pain, brutality, and religion. The movie’s unexpected ending exposes weaknesses in our Intelligence Bureau and Defense system, and several places have flaws in the subject matter and direction.

In conclusion, The Kerala Story is a must-watch movie that captures the essence of life in Kerala in a realistic and heartwarming way. With exceptional writing, direction, and acting, the movie is a masterpiece that will leave a lasting impression on audiences. The film’s exploration of family relationships and values makes it relatable to audiences of all ages, while its stunning cinematography and soul-stirring soundtrack make it a visual and auditory treat. Overall, The Kerala Story is a movie that should not be missed by any movie lover and will surely be remembered as a classic in cinema for years to come. A women oriented movie not worth missing.